and here we meet one of the many bands in the space scene: LUXE!

fennel, cortesia, and delilah met in boarding school and bonded over albums they stole off the older girls. so, like so many kids do, they started a band; but they’ve done a lot since those days. after dropping out and playing shows relentlessly, they joined with HIND LEG RECORDS to release their first album, HARMONIA. since then, they’ve played BETELFEST, released a split ep with Sirius’ NEVERCROWN, and are currently touring in support of their second album, STAINED HANDS, out now through INTERSTELLAR. with ripped tights, snarling guitars, and musical tendencies alternating between savage and sultry, LUXE is a band to watch out for. (for fans of hole, shilpa ray, blonds, or grungy, hooky blues-pop.)

as always, thanks for reading. xoxo steph