Daisy Vasquez
Singer for THE ROCKET GIRLS. A little shy and a little scared, but desperately wants to ‘make it’ as a band. That’ll fix it, right? Always cold. Sleeps through breakfast.









Cat Ducinkowitz

Drummer for THE ROCKET GIRLS. Passionate, energetic, optimistic, and ready to take the universe by storm. Likes punk rock and spicy food.








Lo Adams

Guitarist for THE ROCKET GIRLS. Also their leading creative force. Wannabe goth who wants to be #recognized for her art. Keeps a journal. Perfect eyebrows.












A&R manager for Interstellar Records. He promises to manage The Rocket Girls (so he can get out of a jam with his boss, Yoli). Drinks a lot of coffee and has a cool watch. Any other motives remain unknown.










Head of Interstellar Records. Floats, scary, sharp teeth. Not much else is known about her at the moment…